How To Summon Desert Scourge (2024)


In the vast and treacherous deserts of our world, a fearsome creature known as the Desert Scourge lurks. This formidable boss is a challenge that many adventurers seek to conquer. In this guide, we will delve into the secrets of summoning and defeating the Desert Scourge, providing you with the knowledge and strategies necessary for a successful encounter.

Heading 1: What is the Desert Scourge? The Desert Scourge is a mighty worm-like creature that terrorizes the desert landscapes. With its venomous attacks and incredible strength, it poses a significant threat to any adventurer who dares to face it. Defeating this formidable boss will not only grant you valuable loot but also pave the way for further exploration and progression.

Heading 2: Gathering the Necessary Resources Before summoning the Desert Scourge, it is crucial to prepare yourself adequately. Here are the resources you will need:

  1. Antlion Mandible: These can be obtained by defeating Antlions in the desert. They are a necessary ingredient for crafting the Desert Medallion, which summons the boss.

  2. Stormlion Mandible: These rare drops can be acquired by defeating Stormlions during a Sandstorm event. They are an alternative ingredient for crafting the Desert Medallion.

Heading 3: Crafting the Desert Medallion Once you have gathered the required resources, it's time to craft the Desert Medallion. Head to a suitable crafting station and combine either the Antlion Mandible or the Stormlion Mandible with 15 Sand Blocks and 5 Cactus. This will create the Desert Medallion, your key to summoning the Desert Scourge.

Heading 4: Choosing the Right Location Now that you have the Desert Medallion, it's essential to select an appropriate location for the battle. Look for a wide, open area in the desert biome, preferably with minimal obstructions. Clear out any nearby enemies to ensure a fair fight.

Heading 5: Summoning the Desert Scourge To summon the Desert Scourge, equip the Desert Medallion and use it while in the desert biome during the daytime. Upon activation, the boss will emerge from the sands, ready to engage in a fierce battle.

Heading 6: Strategies for Defeating the Desert Scourge Fighting the Desert Scourge requires skill and preparation. Here are some strategies to help you emerge victorious:

  1. Mobility is key: The Desert Scourge is a fast and agile boss. Utilize movement-enhancing accessories and weapons to dodge its attacks effectively.

  2. Utilize ranged weapons: Ranged weapons provide a safer distance from the boss's venomous attacks. Bows, guns, and magic projectiles are all viable options.

  3. Beware of its charge attack: The Desert Scourge can charge towards you with incredible speed. Stay alert and be ready to dodge or use defensive items to mitigate the damage.

  4. Buffs and potions: Prior to the battle, consume various buffs and potions to enhance your combat abilities. These can include Ironskin Potions, Regeneration Potions, and more.

  5. Team up with friends: If possible, gather a group of friends or fellow adventurers to face the Desert Scourge together. Cooperation and coordination can greatly increase your chances of success.


Summoning and defeating the Desert Scourge is no easy feat, but with the right preparation and strategies, you can emerge victorious. Remember to gather the necessary resources, craft the Desert Medallion, choose a suitable location, and employ effective combat techniques. By following this guide, you will be well-equipped to face this fearsome desert boss and claim your reward.


  1. Can I summon the Desert Scourge during the night? No, the Desert Scourge can only be summoned during the daytime in the desert biome.

  2. What are the recommended weapons for fighting the Desert Scourge? Ranged weapons such as bows, guns, and magic projectiles are highly recommended for maintaining a safe distance.

  3. Are there any specific accessories that can help during the battle? Accessories that enhance mobility, such as wings or boots with increased speed, can greatly aid in dodging the boss's attacks.

  4. Can I fight the Desert Scourge alone? Yes, it is possible to defeat the Desert Scourge solo, but having a group of friends or fellow adventurers can make the battle easier.

  5. What rewards can I expect from defeating the Desert Scourge? Defeating the Desert Scourge will grant you valuable loot, including crafting materials for powerful desert-themed weapons and armor.

How To Summon Desert Scourge (2024)


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